The WCRHA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of the Reining Horse. The association was formed in 1982 with the goal being to bring Reining Horse events to the West Coast. WCRHA is an affiliate of and adheres to the guidelines of the National Reining Horse Association and provides a forum for exhibitors, breeders and anyone interested in the Sport of Reining and is proud to be one of the largest NRHA Affiliate Clubs.

We are a family oriented club for horse lovers and showman who are interested in sharing their love of the Reining performance horse with like minded people. We pride ourselves on providing a venue in which you can build long lasting friendships and working relationships between you, your trainer and your fellow competitors. The competition here is very supportive and friendly with everyone from beginners to the seasoned veteran. Our shows often include sponsored BBQs or Breakfasts where competitors and their families can enjoy the environment that is uniquely “horse oriented.”

Whether you are a seasoned showman with great aspirations or a beginner who wants to learn to “ride the slide”, we are here with a host of options to meet your needs. Here at the West Coast, we truly believe that our Association is the “Best in the West” and we look forward to welcoming new members and friends to our club. We encourage you to attend one of our Affiliate shows if you want to compete or if you simply want to learn more about this exciting event. At these shows, you will find many people that are willing to help you get started, answer your questions, or offer assistance.



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