Title: This organization is incorporated under the laws of the State of Arizona and shall be known as the National Arabian Reining Horse Association, and shall be operated as a not-for-profit association in accordance with the laws of the State of Arizona and the United States of America. In addition, the NARHA is aligning itself with the fundamentals of the governing body of the sport of Reining, the National Reining Horse Association.

Objective: To promote and encourage development of and public interest in agriculture and ranching through the promotion of Arabian Reining Horse shows, to encourage the development and breeding of better Arabian and Half-Arabian Reining Horses, to develop programs offered to expand the interest in Arabian Reining Horses nationwide, and to provide informational material deemed desirable to contestants and spectators, allowing for a better understanding of the Arabian Reining Horse programs being offered.


The National Arabian Reining Horse Association, NARHA, has developed the following programs to support its objectives:


In 2014, the Arabian Reining Breeders Classic, ARBC, incentive program was created encouraging breeders of reining horses to increase the volume of breeding for Arabian and Half Arabian Reining performers. By offering large cash prize incentives at premier NRHA events, the ARBC brought light to the performance abilities and beauty of the Arabian and Half-Arabian Reining horses. Since its inception, the ARBC Futurities have paid out over $250,000 in prize money. In 2016, the founder of the ARBC decided to turn over the program to the newly founded NARHA. The structure of the ARBC incentive program remains the same however, it will now be known as the NARHA Incentive Program. Owners of NARHA Enrolled Incentive horses must be members of the NARHA as of 2017, see membership program for more information.


Starting in 2017, the NARHA will be taking applications from reining horse competitions nationwide to host an NARHA approved event. The NARHA will offer these events trophies for Champions in each division, see list of approved NARHA Affiliate Divisions. These trophies will be available for purchase via a NARHA Trophy order form. Trophy types will depend on added prize money in the divisions. Participants in these regional events will earn their way to qualifying for the NARHA World Championships held for the first time during the 2017 High Roller Reining Classic, Las Vegas, NV by competing in a minimum of 3 NARHA approved events. Qualifying starts with events approved October 1st through August 1st. Riders must receive a valid score to qualify. NARHA World Championships will offer cash and prizes including the coveted championship titles associated with the program. Participants in NARHA approved shows, must be current NARHA members to qualify and horses must have AHA registration papers or NRHA Competition License.


The NARHA, in association with the National Horseman Arabian publication, offers advertising options for Arabian Reining Enthusiasts in the Working Western section of the publication. Seven full-color "coffee-table” style issues per year are produced both in print and digitally, complete with the most up-to-date news, inspiring editorial, comprehensive event coverage and beautiful photos of the Arabian Show Horse industry.


The format of the NARHA Incentive Program is very similar to the highly successful and extremely popular NRBC event, and with this program as its template, it has set its sights on becoming the Arabian Reining version of what the NRBC is to Quarter Horses and Paints. The NARHA has high hopes to follow in the footsteps of the NRBC, creating a viable, successful promotional platform for breeders and showmen.

Stallion owners pay an initial nomination fee, then an annual enrollment fee due on February 1st of each year. Stallion owners also assist in the promotion of the NARHA Incentive Program by assisting in educating mare owners about its incentives, using its logo in their advertising, distributing information to mare owners and mailing nomination forms to the owners of each live foal at the time they provide a Breeder’s Certificate. Stallions are promoted by the NARHA through its web site, national and international advertising, press releases, brochures and materials distributed at major events, as well as in the annual NARHA Enrollment Registry.

NARHA stallion and foal enrollments began in 2014. By 2018, all horses competing in the NARHA Futurities must be enrolled in the program, as that is when 70% of enrollment fees will be added to the prize money for the current year's show, (30% is administrative expense i.e. advertising, promotional materials, office staff, postage, etc.) Use the NARHA Stallion Enrollment Form to apply.

Any breed of stallion may be enrolled under the NARHA Lifetime Enrollment Program, if the stallion is over the age of 20, sterile with frozen semen, or deceased with frozen semen. This includes stallions of any age who have had to be gelded and have viable frozen semen available. The Lifetime Stallion Enrollment fee is $750. Use the NARHA Stallion Lifetime Enrollment Form to apply. The foal owner doesn’t have to enroll until the foal is actually born and there is a generous time frame allowed for enrollment throughout the weanling year. Once enrolled, a foal stays eligible, whether or not his sire continues to be involved. Foal owners pay a $250 enrollment fee per foal, by September 15th of the weanling year, or $350 by December 31st.  Late enrollments can be made. See enrollment terms for details. Only enrolled foals are allowed to compete as four and five-year-olds in the NARHA Futurity, hosted during the High Roller Reining Classic, Las Vegas, Nevada starting in 2018.

What does the NARHA Incentive Program offer?

For Arabian Reiners
it’s a place to show Arabian and Half-Arabian four and five year old horses for international recognition and top prize money.

For Arabian Owners
it’s a venue for increasing the value of your Arabian and Half-Arabian reining horses.

For AQHA/APHA Stallion Owners
it’s a venue for increasing the promotion of your reining breeding stallions by offering your stallion’s services to a whole new industry of mare owners.

For Arabian Breeders
It's an opportunity to increase the value of your Arabian and Half-Arabian reining horses and take an active role in the future of Arabian and Half-Arabian reining.

For AQHA/APHA Breeders
it’s an opportunity be able to present your offspring to a whole new industry of buyers.

For Spectators
it’s the introduction of a new breed to an exciting sport that will ultimately become the only western equestrian event to be a part of the Olympics.

Frequently asked questions:

“I want to enroll my foal in the NARHA Incentive Program but I don't have registration papers yet. What do I do?”

Registration papers are not a requirement for enrollment. Once we receive the enrollment form and payment, the foal is enrolled. However, we will wait until we have received a copy of the registration papers to issue you your certificate. Just mail or fax a copy to (623) 670-5905.

“We just bought a horse that is enrolled in the NARHA Incentive Program. What do you want us to do?”

Mail or fax a copy to (623) 670-5905 of the registration papers showing the change of ownership, along with your name, address, and phone number, and we will issue a new certificate.

“We changed our horse's name. The certificate has the old name. What do I do?”

Send us copies of the papers with both the old and new names, and we will re-issue a certificate and change our records accordingly.

“I was not a member of the NARHA when I sent in my 2017 enrollment applications. What happens next?”

NARHA will mail or email you an invoice for your 2017 membership and payment will be due upon receipt. Enrollment certificates will not be mailed until payment for membership is received. As of 2017, all owners of enrolled offspring in the NARHA Incentive Program must be current members at time of enrollment.


The annual membership fee, starting in 2017, for an individual, corporation, family or youth is required (see membership form for fees). Memberships coincide with the start and end to the calendar year and must be current prior to a horse owner, trainer and/or owner exhibitor competing in NARHA approved events. Subscription to the National Horseman Arabian digital publication is included with membership. To receive the printed version there is an additional $35 annual fee per membership.



FAILURE TO PAY: Any fees associated with the National Arabian Reining Horse Association, including but not limited to entry fees, administrative fees, enrollment fees, sponsorships, etc. which are not paid in full within 30 days of the date of invoice will result in owner of horse or sponsor’s immediate suspension from competing in or participating in any further NARHA events until amount owed and any late or NSF fees are paid in full.


BEHAVIOR, CONDUCT AND ANIMAL WELFARE: Any action of disrespect, deceit, slander or fraud directed to the National Arabian Reining Horse Association, its Affiliate events, show management, grounds crew, show representatives, sponsors or judges will result in suspension from the association. Individuals accused of unsportsmanlike conduct will be subject to the disciplinary procedures set forth by the National Reining Horse Association in Article A of the handbook. Anyone found to be abusing animals will be disqualified and reported to NRHA and SUSPENDED FROM COMPETING IN NARHA APPROVED EVENTS FOR A MINIMUM OF ONE YEAR. Reinstatement of the right to exhibit is based on review by the NARHA Executive Committee.


 NARHA APPROVED DIVISIONS: (eligibility of competition is based on NARHA rules and regulations)

Ancillary Category 1 ~ NARHA World Championship divisions

  • Open Arabian
  • Open Half-Arabian
  • Limited Open Arabian
  • Limited Open Half-Arabian
  • Non Pro Arabian
  • Non Pro Half-Arabian
  • Limited Non Pro Arabian
  • Limited Non Pro Half-Arabian
  • Rookie Non Pro Arabian
  • Rookie Non Pro Half-Arabian
  • Green Rider Non Pro Arabian
  • Green Rider Non Pro Half-Arabian
  • Youth 13 & Under Arabian
  • Youth 13 & Under Half-Arabian
  • Youth 14 – 18 Arabian
  • Youth 14 – 18 Half Arabian


Aged Event Category 2 ~ Futurity > horses who are 4 or 5 years of age as of the start of the calendar year

  • L4 Open Arabian
  • L4 Open Half-Arabian
  • L1 Open Arabian
  • L1 Open Half-Arabian
  • L4 Non Pro Arabian
  • L4 Non Pro Half-Arabian
  • L1 Non Pro Arabian
  • L1 Non Pro Half-Arabian


Aged Event Category 2 ~ Maturity Divisions > horses who are 6 years of age or older as of the start of the calendar year

  • L4 Open Arabian
  • L4 Open Half-Arabian
  • L1 Open Arabian
  • L1 Open Half-Arabian
  • L4 Non Pro Arabian
  • L4 Non Pro Half-Arabian
  • L1 Non Pro Arabian
  • L1 Non Pro Half-Arabian


NARHA Trophies ~ sizes are based on class added money provided

  • ·        NARHA Plaque - >$500 Added Money                                                     Cost per trophy $85
  • ·        NARHA Mojave Bronze - <$500 - $2,499 Added Money                     Cost per trophy $159
  • ·        NARHA Sahara Bronze - >$2,500 Added Money                                   Cost per trophy $259

Trophy prices include ground shipping within the United States. Trophies must be ordered and paid for in full a minimum of EIGHT weeks prior to the start of the NARHA approved event.


National Arabian Reining Horse Association, 28150 N Alma School Pkwy, STE 103 – 297, Scottsdale AZ 85262

Phone 602-677-3774, fax 623-670-5905;

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